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How do I commit?

In my life I have failed to commit. It is the cause of my failure. I'm not consistent on anything much beyond starting it. I'm good at commit in relationships but not in much else if business or career. Can you give me some tips and explain what this problem is plus how to overcome. Thanks a lot ahead for advices

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To commit you have to realise that process to success is not easy nor fun.
When you look at some successful icons, they have put a lot of effort and given up time and many things for Hoping to get something good in return.

Here are some suggestions:
1. Set up goal
visualise the achievements, for example to become a role leader, salary with 6 figures , travel with company car, business trip with private jet, etc.
2. Manage expectation
write down steps to achieve goal, like work 10 hours a day, no gossip at work, read before sleep, continuous study on weekend, study 2 chapters in a week, get a MBA, etc .
3. Evaluate Results regularly
check your result in a period of time , check if you get closer to your goal, ie. more income, higher recognition from people around, higher score , etc
4. Last but not least, keep working , stick to your goal, tell yourself you have no option.

It is just some tips above, you can also find mentors , leave negative friends away. I think everyone can be successful if you are determined enough. Cheers!

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