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What is most important part of marriage vows?

In sickness and in health do you still love the person and stay by their side to help them not suffer through individual days.? Or do you leave them alone? Can you keep this vow to your future wife? Or husbind?

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The most important vow may change throughout the years of marriage.

The most important vow, is the one to "stay together", because in the end, the fact that you stayed together will be the only one that really mattered. It's the only success at marriage.

Saewen Monk Level 5

the most important part/ essential part should be taken love not that serious or too committed.

I need to share a story recently, a couple was in love for a decade and got married, after they got married, the reality of high wage wife and low wage husband made the relationship worse, and husband doubted that the wife was having another affair.

One day the man came home and stabbed the wife and threw her down from a luxurious high rise building , which they rented it since they got married. The guy jumped off afterwards, and they fell on the gardens of 2 separated apartments. It made 3 units in that building a recorded death scenes.

1. Do not love too deep and lead to doubt and hate.
2. Do not commit to face whatever bad situations in a relationship, when love is gone is gone. Let the others go means let yourself go.
3. Do not buy expensive apartments and rent for too deep loved couples.

Wuuuuu Monk Level 3
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Relationships with violence and hatred were never based in love to begin with.
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