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What is best career education for high functioning autistic people?

I'm want my child to have a good career that bring happiness with good life. I don't want the world to reject her like they do at school. She eat lunch alone and very sad with no friends. What college education is good for her and how to get job when you have autism? Do you put this on resume?

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People who have characteristics of the autism spectrum are very diverse, so it depends on the individual and what they can truly succeed at. It is important that they really are interested in the field and will enjoy, while also considering the anxiety disorders that may accompany the spectrum. Choosing a career/education that maximizes their strengths and minimizes their challenges is the best strategy.

Good luck. You're a great mom. I know you probably never hear those words and how important they are, so that's why I told you. :-) hugs.

Saewen Monk Level 5

There seems to be fairly large number of tech people who are on a spectrum of autism. I don't know if the isolation of many software jobs plays a role. Best wishes.

Monkey Monk Level 5
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