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Do vitamins really work?

I heard they are a waste of money that the body doesn't absorb. So confused.

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I am taking multi-vitamin and b-12...can't say it's making any difference-but who knows what's going on in there!

I try to eat healthy (no pork products or fatty beef) mostly eat birds, fish and fruits/vegetables---and do a light exercise everyday.

Unfortunately I don't think we have as much a say-so in our future health as do our genetic make-up code.

Like a horse (genetics)and carriage(our actions).

In the end the horse decides where we go.

Saewen Monk Level 5

My physical told me, "sure, go ahead and take vitamins, they probably won't hurt you.". I take one vitamin per day but try to eat more healthy foods. Avoid sugars and excess fat (e.g., no red meat). Be well!

Monkey Monk Level 5
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Don't make me feel guilty about my one filet mignon per month. I need it for iron deficiency. :-)
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