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How to stay close to God?

My best friends don't believe in God. I can't bond with them in a prayer or share the beauty. Sometimes it makes me sad they don't have what I have and I want to share with them the goodness but they laugh at me. Make me feel like I am a fool.

They sometimes make me lose my faith. Do I need to find new friends?

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It seems like your friends are lacking some qualities that you know you admire in others.

If they are laughing at you and making you feel lonely in your faith, you may want to consider finding some new friends who can see the greater beauty.

Because if your friends can't see the beauty in God, then they may not be capable of seeing the beauty in you.

God Bless

Saewen Monk Level 5

Are your friends good people? Do they have good morals even if they don't happen to believe in a supernatural power? If so, then it shouldn't matter that they didn't need a God to be good.

I can understand how you feel as I was very religious until around high school where I had my doubts grow when I learned more about how life works. Be open to finding the truths in your life.

Best wishes!

Monkey Monk Level 5
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If you had grown up some place and your whole life had never seen an animal and I tried to describe to you a cat and a dog ... you would tell me they were mythical creatures.
You continually associate "being good" and believing in God. Or "needing God to be good." It's so far off- I don't even know where to start. You are missing what the questioner is asking. It's not that he wants his friends "to be good"... it's that he wants to share and bond with his friends.
My reason for believing in God is not because "I want to be good". There are good and bad people equally in all walks of life, faith or non-faiths people. I do not hold a Christian to a higher standard than an atheist. You shouldn't either. You said they didn't "need" God to be good. Having a good faith in God has to be a WANT, not a need. I WANT to believe in God, is my free choice. If it's a need, it's not my choice. Therefore I don't have control. Atheist are notorious control freaks and don't like to Need. That's the first step in overcoming the challenge. WANT. If you say "I want to believe in God" the next sentence you would say in your head is, "but I just don't",... but you can want to change the next sentence I want to believe in God, but right now I do not. But soon, I may WANT to search out God more in depth because It's what I want. But if you don't really want to Nothing else matters.
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