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Fake it till you make it, yay or nay?

Why or why not?

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2 answers

Monkey says depends on what you're faking, I say depends on WHY you're faking. If you are faking for the benefit of others, say you are sick and hiding it to get through your child's birthday party, then yay for having the strength to Fake it.

Faking it, isn't easy, especially if you are an honest person.

If you are faking because you aren't qualified for a job, that's a Nay because it is mostly unfair to yourself in the long run -you won't have the pride of knowing you got it fair and square.

Saewen Monk Level 5

Depends more on what you're faking. Dressing professional before you have the experience and success, sure. Letting people believe you know more than you do, no. Good luck!

Monkey Monk Level 5
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