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How to cope with lottery win in family?

My sista done gone won the lottery and her fiancé be controlling all the money and she aint give nobody Nuthin. She say the bank is holding the money but it's really her fiancé. He give it all to himself buying expensive stuff and only ask her to marry the day after she win the lotto.i toldt my sister if she ain't want to SHARE it, she shouldn't be Braggin in my face bout how she bought dis and dat. You thank I am right? She jus say I shills be happy fo her.

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I'm sorry you are having trouble with your sis. Usually when people buy lottery tickets they buy them for the fantasy of new opportunities they might have, for relief from life stressors related to money, and also to dream of how they can share it with their loved ones.

Just love your sister, no matter what.

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