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in love and confused

What to do i am planning to break up with my flame boyfriend because he is already married even though i love him so much and i think he loves me truly but i dont like his controlling and i think he is obsessed with me. Also our relationship is unhealthy..

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It's a bad idea to get involved with someone who is married. But it sounds like you are already involved so I will not lecture you on that like the dangers...as you never know, his wife might be crazy and hurt you if she finds out. Nor will I judge you. Sometimes people find themselves in situations they didn't exactly expect to be in.

If it is unhealthy you should part ways or make it healthy, but how can an affair be healthy? Someone is bound to get hurt.

Love is healthy and joyful. Brings happiness and fun.How can someone who is married to someone else have control over you? Sounds like you want to be controlled. You have free-will.

Saewen Monk Level 5
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