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Is it ok if I pray for money?

I pray to God for funds my way and suddenly feel abusive to God for this request for I am a modest man a frugal man f God. But my son in Dubai I make promise to pay for his schooling there and I do no have the funds. I want to make my promise true to help my son. He give one semester there with high grades .

Is it ok to ask God for money? Why I feel guilty this request to God?

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It sounds like your intentions for your son are good. Hopefully he will carry his part too to help ole dad out. I think you should talk to God about your feelings of guilt, that may have more to do with your upbringing than your actual relationship with God.

I think God will not mind at all for you asking for money to arrive and who knows, it may happen. :-)

Best of life and love to your family

Saewen Monk Level 5

A person can only do their best to make something happen in their life. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. I'm sure your son realizes that you promised to do your best. Most religions have an all-powerful and all-knowing God. I don't know if that also means that the God needs to be pleaded to in order to act. I'll let other monks answer that. Best wishes.

Monkey Monk Level 5
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Joel Osteen says to not plead or beg. His advice is that you expect, almost demand in the prayers.
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