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Is it important to say grace before a meal?

Should you hold hands and what should you say?

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3 answers

it Depends on a person's religion

melizayn Initiate

Lord God and giver of all good gifts,
We are grateful as we pause before this meal
For all the blessings of life that you give to us.

Daily, we are fed with good things, Nourished by friendship and care, Feasted with forgiveness and understanding.

And so mindful, of Your continuous care, we pause to be grateful for the blessings of this table.


May your presence be the "extra" taste to this meal which we eat in the name of Your son Jesus.


Saewen Monk Level 4

Depending on a persons religion, it could be import to say grace before meals. What is probably important regardless of religious beliefs is to be appreciative for the human and nature resources that went in to the meal. We are lucky to be alive in a time with so many people being able to eat.

Monkey Monk Level 5
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