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when one dies where does one go

what is the difference between heavn and paradise?..when jesus said to the condemed criminal on the cross..he said to jessus remeber me ..jesus said ..to him today you will be with me in paradise..though the criminal had no good works.....bye the grace the criminal entered paradise..in death jesus on the cross reopened the gates of paradise..this is time of grace...jesus is still on the cross suffering...the pope said the german one..god doesnt hear us any more..did it ever occur to the pope jesus cannot answer because he is still on the cross suffering..why if when people see dead relatives..in dreams death experience..why are they old...like they see grandfather grandmother,,are they suppose to be in heaven?..so whats the difference between paradise and heaven?

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I think paradise and heaven are the same place. I think when we die and see our loved ones, remember we do not have human eyes so their souls will present as we would most recognize them.

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