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on immigration deportation.homelandsecurity.one always sees hispanic muslims blacks africans asians..how come one nevr sees white people deported rounded up?

how come one nevr see white people rounded up.bye homeland security..and deported as one sees in hipanics...blacks asians..muslims..midlle east

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Also, on this subject, one thing that really pulls at my heartstrings and why I am a supporter of strong immigration enforcement is because of the abuses imposed upon illegal residents.

I observed an India man working very hard at a restaurant one day and I noticed him because I didn't think he looked healthy enough to be working around food. A few weeks later, he was dead.

It was determined that he was in the US illegally and being enslaved by the restaurant owner. He was working more hours than a person should work and living in the poorest of conditions, all at the hands of someone who came from his country of origin. He died of an illness that could have been prevented if he had proper medical care.

He was enslaved by his own people, with no options, and that is not America.

This happens to young Asian women and girls, not just in the restaurant industry but massage parlors and sex trafficking as well. I feel very passionate about this subject because I have daughters.

Not to mention other professions like landscaping and manual labor jobs. I had non-english speaking Mexican illegals dropped off at my house for the day with no food or anything so I had to take care of them and not hire that business again. Mexican-American owned abusing other Mexicans.

I think if America is going to be the great America, we need to protect the Americans that are here, and also protect those who want to be Americans. We are not able to do that for them--- if they do not abide by the laws to being here legally in the first place.

Being in America illegally, is no American Dream.

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the answer to that is that it starts at the very top...the govt..where all the rich elite...break the laws..and trample and step on the poor...legal or not...there is so much corruption going on..at this moment..the colusion with russia the rich getting richer...at this point its not a dream but a nightmare..the american nightmare...those at the top..are immigrants themselves...they forgett that..race against there own race..is nothing new..we.only realize it when we open our eyes...and see not race of colors..but humanity...there are less fortunate....a day without food is nothing compared.to the mass starvation in africa...the true american dream is the dream .. where in america.. all..nations come together and they become one and the language that they speak is wisdom...
The hacking of Hillary and Podesta was done by an American. I know that for a fact.

The reason you see more deportations of Hispanic is because of them making themselves known in the communities they live by their gang, drug, and crime affiliations, MS13s child sex rings, etc.

I never see mass asians being deported except for the sex ring participants and victims.

It has to do with what you do when you get here, not your race.

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