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Should I get a gun to protect myself from intruders?

I'm a female and live by myself and sometimes I get scared when I hear noises should I get a gun even though I'm scared of them guns

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I completely agree with Wu.

Me personally, I am terrified of guns. Even though I grew up with a police officer mom and she had guns, I never touched them. I have never touched a gun and hope I never have to. I do believe we should have the right to have guns, but certainly not automatic weapons.

I do not trust my eyesight. Plus, what if I accidentally shot some wayward kid who didn't want to hurt me but just wanted to rob me? My purse and elaborate collection of fine jewelry is not worth anyone's life.

But, I'd like to now give you a solution to your problem. :)

In situations where you have a fear, it is best to take actions to prevent the fear or the event from happening in the first place. Operating on a reaction-mode is no way to live,... lets prevent!

First of all, you can arm yourself with some mace. Place containers in various rooms of your home. Secondly, get a roommate or a dog. (Dogs make better roommates but they don't pay the bills) Third, move to a safe neighborhood or community with security.

I think this will solve all your fears. Best of luck!

Saewen Monk Level 4

if you are this nervous, better not.

"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!"

Wuuuuu Monk Level 3
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