Monk Levels on

Users of can obtain levels based on their activity and desire to help others. Levels are mostly a way to help identify the monks who contribute to the growth of the community. Of the many ways we could have set levels, we decided on a simple point system where each activity is given a point and monks level up once they reach a certain number of points.

Activity Points
Post a question 10
Respond to a question 10
Others respond to your question 5
Vote on others 1 (100 point max)
Get a vote on your response or question 2
Invite a friend to join 100 (500 point max)
Level What's Needed

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Monk Level 1
100 points

Monk Level 2
200 Points

Monk Level 3
500 Points

Monk Level 4
1000 Points
1+ invited friend

Monk Level 5
2000 Points

Monk Level 6
4000 Points

Monk Level 7
7500 Points

Monk Level 8
10000 Points

Monk Level 9
20000 Points

Monk Level 10
30000 Points

Please note that from time to time, we may modify the point and level system. We anticipate that we might do this to account for monk inactivity, make it easier to gain level, or address changes in the site. We will try to do any changes as fairly as possible.

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